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Aluminum Slats

DSL have 6 painting lines, 2 wood grain lines, 5 cutting lines, the production capacity for Coated Aluminum Slats is annually about 6000 tons.

Our Aluminum Slats come in a range of colours, so matching them to an existing colour scheme isn’t a problem. They are a great, modern alternative to conventional blinds which can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Color Scheme
Various Sizes
Modern Fashion
Aluminum Slats 5

Aluminum Slats


12.5MM,15MM, 16MM, 25MM,35MM 50MM 60mm,80mm,89mm,94mm,98mm,113mm available.
Material Size and colours can be customized as request.

Category Thlnkness Width Length
Indoor slat 0.16mm 12.5mm/15mm/16mm/17.5mm/24mm/25mm/35mm/50mm 1000m
0.18mm 12.5mm/15mm/16mm/25mm/35mm/42.5mm/44mm/47mm/50mm 1000m
0.21mm 12.5mm/15mm/16mm/25mm/35mm/42.5mm/44mm/47mm/50mm 800m
0.23mm 25mm/35mm/42.5mm/44mm/47mm/50mm/89mm 610m
Outdoor slat 0.27mm 50mm/60mm/80mm/89mm/94mm/98mm/113mm 300-600m
0.43mm 50mm/60mm/80mm/89mm/94mm/98mm/113mm 300-600m

Aluminum Slats

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