Chinese New Year condolences to poor households

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Near the Spring Festival, our De Shenglong family once again launched a warm-up event for the Spring Festival. We sent condolences such as gold, milk, fruits, and oil to the poor households in Ma’ao Town and Nvbu Street to let them spend a peaceful and happy life Chinese New Year.

2020 01 16 1Under the drizzle, everyone walked into a poor family under the leadership of the village cadres.

Over the years, the company’s presidents Zheng and Hu have been committed to public welfare, condolences to poor families, subsidized poor students, and donated to the company’s sick families. Actively contribute to the public welfare undertakings in Lanxi, and become a model of entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about public welfare and dedication.

2020 01 16 2

Tong Shouyun, I was paralyzed. The old mother couldn’t see her sick in bed, her hard life, and her torture, she still smiled and faced. Man is either the strong who overcomes pain, or the weak who yields to pain. No matter how heavy the burden is, it is also a challenge to laugh, but also a cry. No matter how unsuccessful life is, it is triumphant to survive and it is victory.

2020 01 16 3

The happiness of life depends entirely on how individuals think about people, things and things. If you think you are poor and hopeless, your life will be spent in poverty; you think that poverty can be changed, and you will face poverty proactively and proactively. Psychology determines our lives. What kind of mentality there is, what kind of life there is.

The man in a wheelchair is called Zhou Jian. Old employees of the company should all know that their family was originally very happy, but a car accident ruined a family’s happy life.

2020 01 16 4

The more than 30 poor households visited this time caused poverty due to illness, accidental poverty, and poverty caused by natural disability to work. We cannot be born with a disability, but we can avoid illness and accidents. Physical health requires us to take care of ourselves. We must always pay attention to our own safety when going out to work and walking, because our health is the cornerstone of a happy family.

2020 01 16 5

“The home of the good will have more celebrations”, thank the company, and thank Mr. Zheng and Mr. Hu for creating a platform for our blessings. We must respond to the company’s call to build our company and our family into a Wufu enterprise and a Wufu family. Of course, you will be blessed if you know how to cherish blessings. Good things can be blessed.

2020 01 16 6

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