The door and window fair in November 2019 was a complete success

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At the exhibition, the exhibitors attracted a lot of visitors to stop and observe. The door-to-door, the small partners and the customers cordially exchanged, introduced the company’s products in detail, so that the company’s products have won high recognition in the market.

2019 11 18 1

2019 11 18 2

2019 11 18 3

The exhibition mainly displayed the company’s hollow new products and publicized corporate image, and communicated, communicated and negotiated with customers and distributors who came to visit, further enhancing the brand awareness and influence of the company’s brand, and also further understanding. The new market for hollow products has laid a solid foundation for improving its product structure and opening up the market.

2019 11 18 4

After the exhibition, Danish customers who produced electric curtains visited the company and recognized the company’s products, services, culture and environment.

2019 11 18 5

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