Company organization to learn traditional culture

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Learning traditional culture is the corporate culture of the company. To standardize and promote the construction of characteristic corporate culture, to create a healthy, civilized and harmonious corporate environment, so that the company’s corporate culture management work is carried out in a healthy and orderly manner. On October 29, the company formulated the “traditional culture.” Learning and Rewarding Methods, in order to better encourage everyone to learn traditional culture, establish a model, improve learning enthusiasm, lead the company to orderly and harmonious, according to the statistics of each department from January to October 2018, according to the early reading participation, After reading the classics and reading the lessons of the Deshenglong family, the students were divided into regular and shifting classes, and 20 active employees (12 in regular classes and 8 in shifts) were selected, and they were praised and rewarded. A set of three guns thickened thermal underwear.”


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