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On August 17, the company’s employees and their families, under the leadership of General Manager Zheng and Hu, entered 30 poor families in more than 20 villages in Lanxi City. Everyone took their hands and heart to heart and became a difficult mass in Lanxi City. Send warmth and care. Although the sun is hot, it does not affect everyone’s mood and footsteps to condolence to poor families.

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The condolences were divided into three teams. Ma Wei and Xiangxi two teams condolenced 17 households. Huangdian Town team condolences 13 households. Under the leadership of the team leaders, everyone went to poor families with condolences. Most of the 30 poor families are poor due to illness. In the face of our love and condolences, the elderly and children who have been helped have expressed their gratitude.

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This condolence activity is for children to come with their father or mother. The purpose is to hope that the children can get education and enlightenment from this activity. Most of our next generation have not tasted the poverty and twists and turns. Under the care of my parents, I live a life without worry. I hope that through this visit, I will cherish the good life, learn to be grateful, have a grateful heart, return my parents, return the society, and return the love that all my loved ones give us… …

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The hands that we handed out are not only condolences, but also blessings to them. I hope that they will not lose confidence in life, be optimistic and strong, and hope that their lives will get better and better!

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The gift is a rose, the hand has a fragrance; the good deeds, the blessings. I hope that more people can enter the charity team. Maybe we can buy less clothes and smoke a pack of cigarettes. We can send warmth to poor families, make them happy and happy, and use our love to warm their hearts. Whether it’s helping you or raising your hand, as long as everyone gives a little love, the world will be better!

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