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On October 28-29, 2017, the company organized all employees to go to the Zhejiang Normal University to carry out the expansion campaign. The expansion training is a test of the will and wisdom of the people, tapping the potential of the people, and cultivating the group spirit movement, although the time is limited, the short period In two days, everyone has benefited a lot and realized the importance of teamwork.

When you arrive at the training base, you first start the warm-up before the training to prepare the team shape, and the team selects the captain. After the team, each team takes the team name, team logo and team song for their team.

Through the power grid, the team cooperates in a precise manner, steadily and steadily, and is meticulous and meticulous.

2017 10 28 1

60 seconds, constantly surpassing yourself

2017 10 28 2

Concentric, how can the team work together?

2017 10 28 3

Blind people touch the number, communication starts from the heart

2017 10 28 4

Fun Snake Game, Avenue of Stars…

2017 10 28 5

The common goal of the fun sports meeting, the unified action, complete the specified task within the specified time.

2017 10 28 6

African drums, common goals, a unified rhythm.

2017 10 28 7

“Unite and cooperate, rely on groups to create brilliance.” We are all members of the team and are moving towards the same goal. In the future work, we will integrate this spirit into our own work, improve ourselves in our work, surpass ourselves, and take off for Deshenglong. Brilliant contribution to one’s own strength.

2017 10 28 8

2017 10 28 9

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